You pick a prescription and order it on the website — our experts will process the order within 24 hours and arrange a delivery — Once the shipment is delivered you will receive tracking details via e-mail — you will receive a notice from the post office or a courier will deliver the delivery within the agreed time period.

You should fill out a form, specify exact personal data and choose your prefered payment method for the order. This procedure takes 5 minutes and is done by means of a computer or smartphone

A prescription can be required for some medications in order to buy meds on our site. If prescription is necessary for any of the products which you plan to buy you may be asked by our customer support representative to send it after you complete the order.
Please note, that you will not be charged til we receive the prescription from you.

Your money is totally refunded within 5 days of purchase if you are not i

You can return a product if you ordered the wrong product or the quality is below your expectation, or you changed your mind and no longer need the product. However, you pay the return fee and get a refund for the full amount you paid for the product.

  • Products were delivered but DAMAGED
  • You no longer need the product you ordered
  • You ordered the wrong product
  • The product quality is not as expected.

We work together with official pharmaceutical companies, without dealers. Therefore, we know where the drugs come from and are confident in their quality. Moreover, every lot of medications contains the quality certificates and official papers in the international format. You can contact our representative by phone or by e-mail and ask for a license for medications.

We follow strict rules as to confidentiality of our customers. All data entered on our site are encrypted by the modern methods of the SSL security and are not available to third party. Moreover, we do not specify the content of the package during delivery, and this way, we keep a complete anonymity of our customers.

We accept several modern ways of payment methods like Money Gram, Western Union, Cashapp, Zelle, Bitcoin, Paypal just to name a few

The delivery speed depends on a place of your living and a chosen delivery method. If your city is nearby our warehouse, the package may be delivered within 1-2 days by a common post service. Otherwise, a regular post delivery takes 4 to 6 days. A courier delivery takes 2-3 business days.

We work with international courier services, and therefore we deliver packages all over the world.

If you have not received the package, and the track number does not show its location, you should contact a representative of our company and explain the situation. If the package did not arrive because of the post office or customhouse, we will send you another package with medications free of charge. If the package did not arrive because of the incorrect delivery address, you will have to pay for resending.

We buy medications in the same manufacturers, as large pharmacy chains do. But we do not use dealers who set extra charges. Moreover, selling medications online does not suggest expenses on maintaining the retail network. We do not need expenses for renting, salaries for a great staff, advertising, and others. Therefore, our pharmacy does not have great expenses as it happens to the pharmacy chains. We sell medications at wholesale prices of the manufacturer, and therefore a final cost of the pills for a consumer is lower than in the city pharmacies.


Generic drugs contain the same active ingredient as Brand drugs. They have similar mechanism of the action, similar effect and even the same dose. The difference is that Generic drugs cost cheaper. A development of the brand drugs suggests great expenses on promotion and advertising of the medical products. Due to this, a cost of every pill consists of expenses on the marketing by 70%. There is no need to promote Generic drugs because they are already popular due to the original medications. Therefore, a buyer pays just 30% from the market price including expenses on the production. So, Generic drugs are cheaper, and the final effect of the treatment is the same.


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